About us

The meaning of the company’s name “La Cotonnerie” is in French, “the Cotton Mill”, which represents what we want to offer our customers: natural fabrics made mainly of cotton.

We provide customers with modern and high-quality fabrics coming from Europe, perfect for clothing or home decoration, as well as ethnic textiles, 100% hand-made by artisans from around the world.

Not only are we passionate about textiles, we also care about the production process behind them. Our collection includes a selection of organic fabrics where environmental impacts are reduced.

We are proud to support artisans as well as small businesses and designers working in the textile industry.

Whether you sew as a hobby, are a fashion designer or simply someone interested in buying some beautiful fabric and having it sewn by your favorite tailor, you will find what you need in our store!

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Buying from us also means that you are supporting a small local company, which is vital for our growth and for which we thank you!

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    The story behind La Cotonnerie

    meet the CEO of the company

    Why a fabrics shop?

    "Originally from France, I settled in Dubai in February 2020 after living in several countries in Europe and Africa.

    From a very young age, my mother always made me aware of the fabric’s quality when buying a garment. She attached great importance to natural fibers and always made me check clothing labels, which I found, at the time, a bit annoying to be honest!

    Being now myself an adult, I have become aware of the challenges the textile and fashion industries face, and I take great care in always checking the material of the garments I buy as well as the place where they have been produced.

    The interest in quality fabric grew even more when I was offered my first sewing machine, without really knowing what to do with it, as I was not really interested in sewing. However, as soon as I did start sewing, I fell in love with this craft, and I am always looking for beautiful and unique fabrics wherever I go.

    This is how I came up with the idea of an online fabric store. I want to provide fellow fabric lovers in the UAE with a wide range of high-quality natural fiber fabrics with modern prints."